All about flowers!

Flowers and greenery were initially introduced as a ceremonial reward. A crown of greenery, for instance was given to an athlete for completing a monumental task which reflected his prowess.

Floral crowns were bestowed on maidens to accentuate and highlight their youth during courting ceremonies.

Bouquets were carried by brides to mask any unpleasant smells when hygiene was not important, and also to give the bride something to hold on to. Some have noted that this may represent a phallic meaning, but it was probably just to keep her from calm and to keep her hands still.

Funeral flowers also masked any smells and also deflected from staring at a corpse, i.e. Lighten the mood.

Large arrangements were displayed to indicate wealth.

The Victorian era introduced giving flowers as a gift as the flowers had different meanings. For instance, roses for love, hydrangea for gratitude, baby’s breath for innocence…

These all evolved into a cryptological messaging system that delivered a message in a discrete way, gentile way.