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This is the perfect package for you if you need overall decorations and centerpieces.

This package is great if you require all of our services. Bouquets for bride, bridesmaids, boutonnieres, aisle decorations and the entirety of the wedding. You need floral arrangements /designs from top to bottom.

We help draft out your vision first in order to see placements. How will the aisle runner look like? Cake decorations? Bouquets? Or even small intricate designs such as reception area. We are here to guide and consult.

Tablescape Design

You want to take your guests breath away — we can help!

This is a straightforward package for you if centerpieces is all that you require from us. We understand that planning an event is hectic enough, but at times, the center pieces are done last. This is great for a wedding if you already have bouquets and need designs on the table. This also works well with corporate events whereas there aren’t any bouquets required. We want to make sure that your guests are dazzled while they wait to bring in the entire experience.

Flower Girl

This is perfect if you only need flowers.This is perfect if you only need flowers.
Or if you have other decor set up and need us only for the flowers. We source out the best local vendor to ensure freshness, quick arrival time and to fit your budget. This is best for bouquets, corsages, reception tables, aisle, cake and wedding alter. We work with your planner for details such as number of tables, placements, guests and small details. We take this off of your hand so you can focus more on what’s really important: your wedding.
Trust us to really make your event bloom!

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